His passion is to connect the artist to their own unique vision.

Donald Eugene Haymon III, the founder and operator of Tetrarch Studios, is a well respected musician and producer. From drums and banjo to piano and ukulele, he has worked as a session musician for many artists. He is currently enrolled in Berklee School of Music, focusing on Music Production and Sound Design. 

Our Mission

Tetrarch Studios was created to make the music in your head become the music in your ears. We attempt to supersede the limits of creativity, and tap into something beyond just "music." Not only do we offer the opportunity to work side by side with professional studio musicians, but we also provide you with the means to turn that song you scratched down on a piece of paper into the real deal!

Our Milestones

  • An album that we were involved with reached the top #50 in the iTunes charts for an album in it's genre.
  • A single that we worked on reached #3 in the iTunes charts for a song in it's genre.
  • The music that we've had our hand in has been played on local TV, featured at fashion shows, and performed live at various local venues.
  • Successfully collected every album that Toto has ever put out.