Are you ready to begin your journey into the realm of creativity?

Need a band?

If you are a vocalist, songwriter, or musician without a band, we can offer top quality session musicians to give you the exact sound you want.

Need a soundtrack?

We design and produce music for both indie and mainstream games, alongside films and documentaries.

Need a jingle?

We can compose musical instrumentals for any occasion, as well as any genre.

Need a break?

Because it's the music that matters to us, we can offer aspiring new artists, and professional artists alike, the opportunity to create a professional recording at an affordable price.

Need a teacher?

Our musician's extensive knowledge make them incredible teachers. For rates and other questions please either email or call us and we'll be sure to make you become the next Steve Lukather in no time.


Studio Recording  (You make the music, we'll hit record)

Vocal or instrumental tracking, beat making, arranging, composing, live recording, etc.

Hourly Rate: $85

Studio Musician Work  (Let us make the music for you)

Tracking piano, drums (and other percussion), guitar (as well as mandolin, banjo, and ukulele), or bass for any genre.

Hourly Rate: $60 (per instrument)

Music Scoring  (Your music, on paper)

Give us a track you want scored and we'll write it out, in either sheet music, chord chart, or guitar/bass tablature.

Hourly Rate: $60

Live Performances  (Live jams are our forte)

Private parties, restaurants, weddings, holiday events, etc.

Hourly Rate: $60

Music Tuition  (We aspire to help out new musicians)

We teach drums, guitar, bass, and piano to all ages and all skill levels, and we can also help you with tips and tricks on mixing, mastering, recording, writing, and producing your own songs. All lessons are given at Castle Rock Music.

Hourly Rate: $60

Half an Hour Rate: $30

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